Volume 83 Number 2, May 2014

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Table of Contents

Editorials 77 Dum Spiro, Spero
BE Kelly
Obituary 78 David Robert Hadden
P Bell
Review 80 Emergency Medicine in the RVH and the challenges it faces from a clinician's perspective
B Sinnott
Paper 86 Hereditary Gigantism - the biblical giant Goliath and his brothers
DE Donnelly, PJ Morrison
Case Report 89 Adrenal Sarcomatoid Carcinoma: A case report and review of the literature
D Mark, C Boyd, F Eatock
Grand Rounds 93 Diagnostic Lumbar Puncture
CM Doherty, RB Forbes
Review 103 Malignant Melanoma: A Pictorial Review
C McCourt, O Dolan, G Gormley
Medical History 111 Robert Alexander McCance, and his forays into Experimental Medicine with Elsie Widdowson
CS Breathnach, JB Moynihan
Letters 116 To The Editor
Cholecystostomy for acalculous cholecystitis with haemobilia in a lung transplant patient; a case report.  AIW Mayne, BV Dasari, LD McKie, JC Kidney
Dialysis related amyloid arthropathy on 18 FDG PET-CT.  A Kecler-Pietrzyk, HK Kok, ID Lyburn, WC Torreggiani
"No time for teaching at our teaching hospitals."  PR Bell, S Hampton
Acute fulminant necrotising lymphocytic myocarditis in a patient with mixed connective tissue disease: a rapid clinical response to immunosuppression.  SL Fairley, B Herron, CM Wilson, MJD Roberts
Molecular profiling of gliomas - time for a regional service.  C Hannan, S Al-Rashid, B Herron, D Conkey, J Harney, J Lyness, J Moss, T Flannery
A shotgun injury to the buttocks; getting to the heart of the matter.  M Arneill, C Parris, R Thompson, B Clements
Abstracts 123 Spring meeting Ulster Society of Gastroenterology, 15th March 2012
Hilton Hotel, Templepatrick
Curiositas 126 Questions and answers
Book Case 127 Six favourite books
P Stanton
Game Changers 128 A trio
More sugar to the top of the table.  A Dorman
Vascular surgery provision in Northern Ireland.  R Baker
Developing cardiac surgery: "Bypassing the limits".  M Jones
So you want to be a... 129 Medical student in the UK (and you come from mainland Europe)?
A Stanek