Trainee Meeting

Once a year the Ulster Medical Society provides an opportunity for junior doctors in training in Northern Ireland (or elsewhere if members of the Ulster Medical Society) to present to the Society cases of interest or research projects. A short-list of entries from the annual submissions will be drawn up. From this short-list a small number will be chosen for platform presentation, the rest being offered the opportunity of a poster presentation.

Paper or Poster Submission

A submission may be sent to the Honorary Secretary at any time and will be considered for the Trainee Meeting of the current session if received twenty-eight or more days before the event. Please see the Meetings page for the appropriate date.

Trainee Meeting for the Session 2017/18

This was a full-day event (9am to 4pm) on Thursday 19th October 2017 in the Postgraduate Centre, Belfast City Hospital. The topic was Research for Trainees: Opportunities, Presentations & Prizes.

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