Volume 83 Number 3, September 2014

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Table of Contents

Editorials 133 The Last Post
BE Kelly
Review 135 Perinatal Management of Major Congenital Heart Disease
E McGovern, AJ Sands
Paper 141 Academic Medicine - revolution, evolution or extinction?
GW Irwin, RAJ Spence, DF McAuley, RD Kennedy, KR Gardiner, JS Elborn
Case Report 146 Transvaginal Oocyte Retrieval Complicated by Life-Threatening Obturator Artery Haemorrhage and Managed by a Vessel-Preserving Technique
F Bolster, E Mocanu, T Geoghegan, L Lawler
Grand Rounds 149 Prevention and Management of Acute Kidney Injury
J Harty
Presidential Address 158 Radiation - Friend or Foe?
RAJ Spence
Medical History 171 Surgical Travellers: Tapestry to Bayeux
J Hedley-Whyte, DR Milamed
Letters 178 To The Editor
Glomus tumour of the elbow: an unusual cause of intestinal perforation.  KJ Donnelly, NW Thompson, D O'Longain, I Cameron
The mobile phone as a tool in the assessment of nonspecific abdominal pain.  A McBrearty, D Porter, RJ Moorehead
"Paediatric DNA coding: can't attend, won't attend."  CM McFeely, PR Bell, RA Adair
Gigantic left atrium - can surgery reverse the downward spiral of cardiac cachexia?  R Beattie, P Johnston, R Jeganathan
Pleomorphic adenoma of the soft palate; an important benign disease in an unusual location.  D McCartan, T Delap
Mesenteric Castleman disease.  M Warnock, W Campbell, G Macauley, PD Carey
Compliance with NICE head injury management guidelines in a busy district general hospital - is it asking too much?  A Spence, S Finnegan, J Harty, T Flannery
Review 185 Books
Healthcare Economics Made Easy.  D Jackson
Abstracts 186 17th Meeting of the Irish Society of Human Genetics, Friday 5th September 2014
Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, St James's Hospital, Dublin
200 Ulster Society of Internal Medicine, 91st (Spring) Meeting Friday 23rd May 2014
Craigavon Area Hospital
Curiositas 203 Questions and answers
Book Case 204 Six favourite books
J Purvis
Game Changers 205 A trio
Game changers: another revolution in heart attack treatment.  MJ Moore
Evidence base for the role of sinus surgery in chronic rhinosinusitis gains better definition.  B Hanna
'What's the point of a GP locum?'  F McEvoy
So you want to be an... 207 Otorhinolaryngologist?
PR Bell