Volume 83 Number 1, January 2014

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Table of Contents

Editorials 1 Hibernia
BE Kelly
2 List of referees for 2013
Review 3 Acute headache
RB Forbes
Papers 10 Recurrent pilonidal sepsis
P Gordon, L Grant, T Irwin
13 Faxing ECGs from peripheral hospitals to tertiary paediatric cardiology units - Is it safe and sustainable?
S McGrath, G Skinner, GJ Morgan
16 Recurrent pelvic organ prolapse (POP) following traditional vaginal hysterectomy with or without colporrhaphy in an Irish population
J Costa, B Towobola, C McDowel, R Ashe
Grand Rounds 22 A guide to childhood motor stereotypies, tic disorders and the Tourette spectrum for the primary care practitioner
S Mills, T Hedderly
Medical History 31 Dimitrios Oreopoulos, the plane tree of Kos and the Belfast City Hospital
JF Douglas
Gary Love Lecture 37 A sextet of contrasting styles
RSJ Clarke
The James Logan Essay Prize 44 The challenges of cancer pain assessment
J Stewart
Letters 47 To The Editor
The analgesic stepladder - missing rungs.  PR Bell, RA Adair
Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome: diffuse alveolar hemorrhage and Libman-Sacks endocarditis in the absence of prior thrombotic events.  N Hambly, S Sekhon, RA McIvor
What becomes of the broken nose?  G Ferguson, PR Bell, SJ Hall
General paediatric surgery: a survey of Northern Ireland general surgery specialist registrars.  MJ Mullan, M Grannell, AC Dick
Lactic acid bacterial infection, probiotics and gut microbiomes.  JE Moore, R McKee, P Wall, CE Goldsmith
A potential diagnostic role of dual-phase 18F-FDG PET/CT scanning.  C Jones, S Badger, T Lynch
Doctor-patient ratios and acute medical admissions: a simple solution for an important problem!  S Chacko, S Prabhavalkar
The burden of motorcycle trauma and seasonal change at a regional trauma centre.  GJ Heyes, J Craig, JD Hinds, DWC Kealey
Awareness of adverse effects of azathioprine in patients with inflammatory bowel disease - more to be done?  ADR Spence, R Lee, D Keegan, GA Doherty, H Mulcahy, S Murphy
Abstracts 58 Autumn meeting Ulster Society of Gastroenterology, October 2012
Hilton Hotel, Belfast
61 Autumn meeting Ulster Society of Gastroenterology, 18th October 2013
Ramada Hotel, Belfast
65 Ulster Society Of Internal Medicine, 90th autumn meeting, Friday 18th October 2013
Belfast City Hospital
Game Changers 69 A duo
Confused by encephalopathy.  I Cadden
Multiple sclerosis is a treatable disease.  S Hawkins
Reviews 70 Books
Community-based prevention: reducing the risk of cancer and chronic diseases.  D McLean, D Williams, S Lamont, H Krueger
An everyday miracle.  J Dornan
Curiositas 71 Questions and answers
Book Case 72 Six favourite poems
T O'Neill
So you want to be a... 73 Cardiologist?
T Trouton