Volume 82 Number 3, September 2013

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Table of Contents

Editorial 133 Memories
BE Kelly
Review 135 Atrial Fibrillation
Nick Cromie
Papers 141 Factors influencing final year medical students' choice of Foundation Programme
K McElvanna, M Boohan, PP McKeown
146 The PSA tracker: A computerised health care system initiative in Northern Ireland
DB Hennessey, C Lynn, H Templeton, K Chambers, C Mulholland
150 Contrasting selected reproductive challenges of today with those of antiquity - the past is prologue
CA Jones, ES Sills
157 New selection procedures for entry to Medicine at QUB. Report on the 2012 Admissions process
K Steele
160 Colorectal Cancer Screening: The Northern Trust Experience
D Neely, W Campbell, P Davey, C Rodgers, D McCrory
164 Population structure and characterization of viridans group streptococci (VGS) isolated from the upper respiratory tract of patients in the community
T Nakajima, S Nakanishi, C Mason, J Montgomery, P Leggett, M Matsuda, WA Coulter, BC Millar, CE Goldsmith, JE Moore
Grand Rounds 171 Perioperative Intravenous Fluid Therapy for Adults
R Mac Sweeney, RA McKendry, A Bedi
Pictorial Review 179 The Abdominal Radiograph
B James, B Kelly
Medical History 188 John MacDonnell and Insensibility with Ether in 1847
CS Breathnach, JB Moynihan
Letters 192 To The Editor
Christmas-related fractures admitted to the Fracture Department, Northern Ireland.  R Gordon, R Dhokia, N Eames
Cardiac metastasis from a squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue in the absence of local recurrence.  N McKeag, V Hall, N Johnston, B McClements
Religious beliefs and attitudes toward suicide in a cohort of medical students at Queen's University Belfast.  JC Nelson, A Collins, T Foster, SJ Cooper
Proximity predicts referral to the tertiary paediatric cardiology service.  ML Morrison, B Grant
Potential risk of unidirectional rotation when advancing central venous catheters.  D Johnston, C Clarke
Abstracts 197 16th Meeting of the Irish Society of Human Genetics
Friday 6th September 2013
205 Ulster Society of Internal Medicine, Spring Meeting, Friday 17th May 2013
South West Acute Hospital
Reviews 209 Books
Essential Examination.  AK Ruthven
Curiositas 210 Questions and Answers
So You Want ... 212 To be a Histopathologist?
J Houghton