Volume 82 Number 2, May 2013

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Table of Contents

Editorial 69 Benediction
BE Kelly
Review 71 The Registration of Medical Graduates from Eastern European Union Countries with the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Medical Council, Ireland
JF Mayberry
Papers 75 The mediastinal staging accuracy of 18F-Fluorodeoxyglycose Positron Emission Tomography / Computed Tomography in non-small cell lung cancer with variable time intervals to surgery.
K Booth, GG Hanna, N McGonigle, KG McManus, J McGuigan, J O'Sullivan, T Lynch, J McAleese
82 Cataract Surgery Planning in Amblyopic Patients - Which eye first? Awareness of the Potential for Post-operative Diplopia amongst Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons in Wales
GS Williams, M Radwan, J Menon
85 Outcome of 131I therapy in hyperthyroidism using a 550MBq fixed dose regimen
A Lewis, T Rea, B Atkinson, P Bell, H Courtney, D McCance, K Mullan, S Hunter
89 Recombinant PTH: A Study of the Outcome of Teriparatide Therapy for 138 Patients with Osteoporosis
T McNeilly, C McNally, M Finch, T Beringer
Case Reports 94 Tracheal bronchus associated with recurrent pneumonia
M Schweigert, A Dubecz, D Ofner, HJ Stein
97 Chemotherapy causes cancer! A case report of therapy related acute myeloid leukaemia in early stage breast cancer.
AJ Cole, NR Priddee, JJ McAleer
Grand Rounds 100 Imaging in Cauda Equina Syndrome - A Pictorial Review
J McNamee, P Flynn, S O'Leary, M Love, B Kelly
Annual Oration 109 Thinking Otherwise. Royal Victoria Hospital, Wednesday 26th September 2012
PM Bell
Medical History 114 Our Blood Your Money
J Hedley-Whyte, DR Milamed
Letters 121 To The Editor
Increasingly hard to swallow - 18 years of changing tonsillectomy practice in Northern Ireland.  G Ferguson, PR Bell, SJ Hall
Closed talar dislocation after low energy trauma.  G Kelly, F Reid, D Kealey
The great pretender: gastrointestinal stromal tumour in pregnancy presenting with liver metastases.  KA Eastwood, K Johnston, M Eatock, E Gibson, E Minford
A case of severe hypocalcaemia.  W Habeichi, G Ahmed.
So You Want ... 126 To be a medical student in Europe?
R Killingbeck
Curiositas 127 Questions and Answers
Book Case 128 The Editor considers six books ...