Volume 91 Number 3, September 2022

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Table of Contents

Editorial 121 A secular age
Trimble M
Presidential Address 124 A history of cancer and its treatment
McAleer S
Clinical Papers 130 Watch and wait for rectal cancer: a 9 year experience
Cosgrove C, Spence RAJ, Convie L, Beattie D, McCallion K, McAllister I
135 Could the emergency department facilitate the start of a holistic follow-up pathway for patients recovering from Covid-19?
Cook P, Allde E, Griffith F, Khorasanee R, Luke C, Ridley B, Simpson T
139 Straight to test reduces time to investigation and treatment
Wilson RS, Johnston DB, McKay D, Mark D
Medical History 143 Pestilence, plague and pandemics: a troubled history
Wren MWD, Petts D, Guthrie G, Clarke S, Nation BR, Peters L, Mortlock S, Sturdgess I, Wright M, Burt C
152 The launch of William Whitla’s Medical Institute: concept and commissioning
Evans A
158 Higgs boson: Chapel Hill, CERN, QUB
Hedley-Whyte J, Milamed DR
Letters 166 To the Editor
HAART, the heart and the potential for interaction.  Coyle L, Herity N
Reactive non-regional lymphadenopathy from the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine: a novel side-effect.   Gidwani R, Siddiqui S , Prabhavalkar S
Allergic contact dermatitis to a common topical acne treatment—an unfamiliar mimic of angioedema.  Mullan K, Ferris K, Thompson A, Loughran C
Response times for acute non-invasive ventilation set-ups.   Watson A, Barnard H, Shanmugarajah A, Antoine-Pitterson P, Mukherjee R
Unusual cases of acute pancreatitis in patients with Covid-19.  Sundar S, Dsouza NV, Achappa B, Manoj MA, Vinay BS
Reviews 172 Book
This Medical Life.  Drife J O
Abstracts 173 Scrubs (QUB Surgical Society) Medical Students' Academic Medicine Conference & Research Symposium
30th April 2022, Queen’s University, Belfast
Curiositas 178 Questions and answers
Vage A, Moore P, Carr D, Gormley G, Spence A