Volume 91 Number 2, May 2022

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Table of Contents

Editorial 65 Vocation in medicine
Trimble M
66 Erratum
Review 67 The Role of Visual Abstracts in the Dissemination of Medical Research
Millar BC, Lim M
Clinical Paper 79 Is qFIT a useful tool in prioritising symptomatic patients referred with suspect colorectal cancer in the COVID-19 era?
Small S, Coulson R, Spence R, McAllister I
Review 85 Comparison of innovative communication approaches in nutrition to promote and improve health literacy
Anderson HL, Moore JE, Millar BC
Case Report 92 Tuberculosis Aortitis and Mycotic Pseudo-aneurysm of the Infra-renal Aorta after Intravesicular BCG Therapy
Gamble N, Blair R, Gray S, Hunter M, Harkin D
Clinical Paper 95 Metastasis of Renal Cell Carcinoma to the Stomach Twenty One Years from Initial Diagnosis
McIlwaine S, Haynes M, Morgan N, Shah R, Doyle J
The Desmond Whyte Lecture 98 A Golden age and the Floating Man: Ireland, Avicenna and the Canon of Medicine.
Kelly B
Medical History 104 J.A. Lindsay's Tonics and Tinctures for Cardiac Care (1889–1904)
Freudenthaler T
Curiositas 109 Questions and Answers
Vage A, Moore P, Carr D, Gormley G, Spence A
So you want to be a … 111 Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician?
McLarnon M, Heron N
Book Case 115 Recommendations (by John Purvis)
Wilding. The return of nature to a British farm.  Tree I
The Butterfly Isles. A summer in search of our emperors and admirals.  Barkham P
The Butterflies And Moths Of Northern Ireland.  Thompson R, Nelson B
(R)evolution The Autobiography.  Numan G
Salad Daze.  Hussey W
Letters 117 To the Editor
Corn Flakes Are The Cure.  Raichura SR, Nicol M, Brennan R, O'Kane D
Communicating Research Findings To Patients: Comparison of readability of Patient Lay Summaries written by eight clinical disciplines of the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Multidisciplinary Team (MDT).   Anderson HL, Moore JE, Millar BC