Volume 85 Number 3, September 2016

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Table of Contents

Editorial 151 Clinical Reasoning: The Analysis of Medical Decision Making.
Purvis J
Medicine Outside the Comfort Zone 153 Helping create "Wellness Warriors": Primary Care for remote Alaska Native Communities.
Dobbs S
Review 158 Mortality Among Children And Young People Who Survive Cancer In Northern Ireland.
Donnelly DW, Gavin AT
Grand Rounds 164 Pruritus: an Overview. What Drives People to Scratch an Itch?
Lavery MJ, Kinney MO, Mochizuki H, Craig J, Yosipovitch G
Clinical Papers 174 Uterotonics for Non-emergent Caesarean Section: Protocol Change During UK-Licensed Drug Shortage.
Malone C, Acheson JR, Hinds JD, McComiskey MH
178 Re-Staging Following Long-Course Chemoradiotherapy For Rectal Cancer: Does It Influence Management?
McBrearty A, McCallion K, Moorehead RJ, McAllister I, Mulholland K, Gilliland R, Campbell WJ
182 Electroconvulsive Therapy — What Do Patients Think Of Their Treatment?
Maguire S, Rea SM, Convery P
187 Systemic Therapy In Acquired Haemophilia — A Single Institute Experience.
Lawless S, Das P, Benson G
193 Radial Multi-Site, Longitudinal Multi-Polar Epicardial Left Ventricular Pacing In Tricuspid Valve Disease.
Lau EW, McEntee T, Ashfield KB, Graham AN
Medical History 196 Orthopaedic Surgery in World War II: Military and Medical Role of Northern Ireland
Hedley-Whyte J, Milamed DR
Letters 203 To The Editor.
Abuse of Fentanyl Analgesic Patches.  Dillon D, O'Neill F
Hypertrophic Osteoarthopathy Associated With Non-Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma; Report of an Unusual Case.  Redmond CE, Healy GM, Redmond PL
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Extending into the Right Atrium.  McNeice A, Graham ANJ, Trouton TG
General Surgical Training and Surgical Trainee Working Patterns.  McCain RS, McCain RS, Mark DA, McCallion K, Mackle EJ
Dual Posterior Lip Augmentation Devices for Recurrent Instability of a Charnley Total Hip Replacement.  Donnelly KJ, Finlayson G, Andrews C
MUTYH Associated Polyposis [MAP] — A 'Lesser Known' Polyposis Syndrome!  Hannan C, Kelly P, Clements B
The Cost of History Repeating Itself: A Review of Laboratory Investigations on the Management of Tonsillitis and Quinsy in the Secondary Care Setting.  Mohd Slim MA, Bell PR, Valko M
Review 211 Books.
Contraception Made Easy.  Percy L, Mansour D
The National Elf Service … Not the NHS.  Goddard PR
Abstracts 212 Annual Trainee Doctors' Prize Evening, Thursday 20th November 2014
North Lecture Theatre, Medical Biology Centre, Queens University Belfast
Curiositas 219 (Dermatology) Questions and Answers.
Book Case 221 Six Favourites.
McKee S
Game Changers 223 A Trio.
The Emergency Surgical Unit (EmSU) — Revolutionising Unscheduled Care in Surgical Patients.  Clements JM, Clements JD, Clements WDB
PET Rescue.  McCadden L, Ullah R
Endo-Prosthetic Replacement in the Management of Complex Distal Femoral Fractures in the Elderly.  Callachand F, Barr J, Cusick L
So you want to be an… 225 Emergency Physician?
Maguire K