Volume 85 Number 2, May 2016

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Table of Contents

Editorial 69 Following a Physician's Footsteps in Flanders: The Centenary of the Somme.
Purvis J
Reviews 71 Infographics: Healthcare Communication for the Digital Age.
McCrorie AD, Donnelly C, McGlade KJ
76 The Profession of Medicine and its Rivals.
Trimble M
Medicine Outside the Comfort Zone 80 Improving Psychiatric Care in Rural Zanzibar.
Purdy D
Clinical Papers 83 32P in the Treatment of Myeloproliferative Disorders.
Lawless S, McMullin MF, Cuthbert R, Houston R
86 Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery Programme for Elective Hip and Knee Arthroplasty — Could a Regional Programme be Beneficial?
Tucker A, McCusker D, Gupta N, Bunn J, Murnaghan M
92 An Assessment of Psychological Need in Emergency Medical Staff in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Area.
McAleese A, Diamond A, Curran D
99 Patient Reported Outcomes Following Laparoscopic Surgery for Benign Upper Gastrointestinal Disease.
Dobson G, Thompson R, Kennedy A
Medical History 103 James Macartney and his Successor Arthur Jacob, Pioneers in Development of Medical Education, Hospitals, Anatomy and Surgery.
Breathnach CS, Moynihan JB
107 American Surgeons at Musgrave Park Hospital in World War II: Surgical Giants.
Hedley-Whyte J, Milamed DR
Medical Education 113 The Educational Value Of Post-Take Ward Rounds For Senior Trainees.
Laskaratos F-M, Parry D, El-Mileik H
Desmond Whyte Memorial Lecture 118 Learning And Improvement In Hereditary Diseases.
Morrison PJ
Letters 122 To The Editor.
Review of Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) NI Conference, "Learning to Improve".  Donaghy G, Hutton R, Gardiner K
What's All This About Fracking?  Bredin CP
Group A Streptococcal Primary Peritonitis.  McIlroy A, Isaac A, McIlmunn C, Kennedy R
Finding Brugada syndrome in a Young, Acute Surgical Patient.  Donaghy M, Barrow A, Soni A, Jones R
Subarachnoid Haemorrhage and Troponinitis: A Case in Point.  Keenan D, Kuan Y
The Gynaecological Approach to Distal Biceps Tendon Repair: A Previously Unreported Surgical Adjunct/Technique.  Sloan S, Murphy LE, McDonald K, Thompson NW, Charlwood AP
Paediatric Mentorship Programme in Northern Ireland — A 'Hands Off' Approach.  Mullen S, Richardson J, Craig S
Abstracts 129 Ulster Medical Society Junior Members Forum Thursday 12th December 2013.
Whitla Medical Building, Queen’s University Belfast
Review 136 Books.
Essential Management of Obstetric Emergencies (5th Edition).  Baskett TF
Graphic Anaesthesia. Essential Diagrams, Equations and Tables for Anaesthesia.  Hooper T, Nickells J, Payne S, Pearson A, Walton B
Curiositas 137 Questions and answers.
Book Case 139 Six favourites.
Clements B
Game Changers 141 A Trio.
Incorporating Cardiac CT into Chest Pain Pathways.  Musy R, McCall D
The Untouched Heart — Subcutaneous ICDS.  Noad R, Chew EW
Rheumatoid Hands in the Biologic Era.  Masih C, Riddell C
So you want to be an... 143 ADEPT Fellow?
Donaghy G, Hutton R, Gardiner K