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Book Case Personal Selection: Piano Works
McKeown, P
Clinical Paper Pre-Operative Imaging can Reduce Negative Appendectomy Rate in Acute Appendicitis
Chan J, Fan KS, Mak TLA, Loh SY, Ng SWY, Adapala R
Review Books
Rosendahl C, Marozava A:  Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer: a Handbook for Hunters of Skin Cancer and Melanoma
Fee J
Baskett TF:  Eponyms and Names in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Costa J
Short Report Natural history of a fibrous cephalic plaque and sustained eight decade follow-up in an 80 year old with tuberous sclerosis complex type 2.
Kirk CW, Donnelly DE, Hardy R, Shepherd CW, Morrison PJ