Volume 92 Number 3, Sep 2023

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Table of Contents

Editorial 117 Good Things are Difficult
Armstrong DJ
UMS Lecture Programme 2023-2024 119 Lecture Programme 2023-24
Thiraviaraj A
Healthcare Crisis 120 A Year Down Under: Perspectives from a distance.  Cory A, McGalliard W
First Impression - Week One as a doctor in 2023.  Neill T
The view from ICU - and from an Associate Specialist.  Davison L
Clinical Paper 125 Does performing manipulation of nasal bones under general anaesthetic beyond two weeks after injury affect outcomes?
Smith J, O'Doherty K, Hanna B
128 Regional Elective Day Procedure Centre Pilot - the solution to waiting lists and trainee deficit in the reshaping of services following Covid 19
Coulson R, Small S, Spence R, McAllister I
134 The use of colonic stents as a bridge to surgery in malignant colonic obstruction - A dual trust experience over 10 years
Canny JD, Johnston DB, McBrearty JA, McElvanna K, Caddy G, McKay D
139 Computed Tomography Scanning for Sternal Wound Infections: A Systematic Review
Shirke MM, Dominic C, Debnath P, Sunny J, Haq M, Nawaz H, Harky A
148 Perceptions towards Nephrology Specialty: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Prabhavalkar S, Puri A, Shivashankar G
Medical Education 157 Untapped resource: the simulation-based healthcare environment as a means to study human stress
Vage A, Spence AD, Gormley GJ, McKeown G, Murphy P, Hamilton PK
Medical Ethics 167 Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Cupples A
Letters 170 To the Editor
Should we be promoting 5 Steps to Wellbeing in all clinical environments?.  Atenstaedt R
Planetary Health Report Card for Queen's University Belfast - update.  McFall R, England V, McBride F, McPhee H, Cowan M, Westwood R, Scholes S
Curiositas 173 Head Cases
Book Case 175 Every Second Counts: The Extraordinary Race to Transplant the First Human Heart
McRae D