Volume 90 Number 3, September 2021

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Table of Contents

Editorial 133 Propaganda
Trimble M
Guest Editorial 135 The birth of the School of Medicine at Ulster University
Dubras L
138 C25 in QUB: a transformed curriculum for a transformed healthcare system
Kennedy N, McKeown P
Medical Education 142 QUB Students: Changing the Climate of Planetary Health Education
England V, McPhee H, Wells R, Westwood R
Grand Rounds 146 Pituitary metastasis: a clinical overview
Henry A, Nugent A, Wallace IR, Oladipo B, Sheehy O, Johnston PC
Clinical Papers 151 Support for General Practitoners during COVID-19
Davies M, Carr D, Dugan J, Hart N, Kirkpatrick R, Loughrey C, Loughrey P, O'Neill G
157 Follow up for COVID-19 in Belfast City Hospital
Donaghy M, McKeegan D, Walker J, Jones R, McComish C, Meekin S, Magee N
162 Outcomes of older COVID-19 patients in Acute Care at Home, Southern HSC Trust, Northern Ireland, from March–June 2020
Keenan F, Warnock E, Rice M, Allen K, Warnock J, Beck P, Khan B, McCaffrey P
168 Discovery of inhibition of Burkholderia cenocepacia, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia by the Brown Rot Basidiomycete Fungus, Postia placenta
McIlroy R, Nelson DW, Millar BC, Murphy A, Rao JR, Downey DG, Moore JE
Annual Oration 175 The Rime of the Ancient Imager: Plato's Cave and Other Shadows. Royal Victoria Hospital, September 2019
Kelly B
Medical History 182 Early Irish Brain Surgery and Antiseptic Agents (1889)
Freudenthaler T
186 Thoreau, Tolstoy and Walden Woods: The Clintons and Belfast
Hedley-Whyte J, Milamed DR
Game Changers 192 A Duo
AXIOS stents: Transforming the management of pancreatic fluid collections.  Doyle J, McCain S, Scott R, Love M
Move your feet, lose your seat  Mayne R, Hart N, Heron N
So you want to be a … 194 Medical Student Technician?
Freimane KZ, Callaghan JP , Kearney GP , Hart ND
Letters 197 To the Editor
Impact of the COVID pandemic on rheumatology patients in Northern Ireland—A web based cross-sectional survey of patient reported outcomes.   McKee P, Irvine A, Riddell C, Ball E
Revisiting psychological autopsy research of suicide in Northern Ireland.  Foster T
A rare case of multilocular peritoneal inclusion cyst in a male patient.  Cosgrove C, Rajendron S, Houghton O, Lee J
My memoirs of the Royal Victoria Hospital pacemaker implantations in the West Wing over half a century ago!  Geddes JS
Single centre outcomes of endoscopic full thickness resection (EFTR) of colorectal lesions using the full thickness resection device (FTRD).  McBride R, Dwebi M, Allen P, McCallion K