Volume 90 Number 1, January 2021

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Table of Contents

Editorial 1 The Technological Society
Trimble, M
Review 3 The Operative Incidence of Syndactyly in Northern Ireland. A 10-Year Review
K McGarry K, Martin S, McBride M, Beswick W, Lewis H
Clinical Papers 7 Evaluation of internet derived patient information for Acute Pancreatitis
Miller CE, Ward JBM, Yoganantham DC, Bond A
10 Nasal Trauma: Who Nose what happens to the non-manipulated?
Hope N, Young K, Mclaughlin K, Smyth C
13 The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Workload of an Adult Major Trauma Centre in Northern Ireland
Jefferies O, Kealey D, Yoong S, Houston R, Tennyson C
16 Prevalence, Behaviours and Burden of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Medical Students and Junior Doctors
Pisani A, Farrugia T, Panzavecchia F, Ellul P
Medical History 22 Proton Beams and Nobel Laureates
Hedley-Whyte J, Milamed DR
28 A Short History of Occupational Disease: 1. Laboratory-acquired Infections
Petts D, Wren MWD, Nation BR, Guthrie G, Kyle B, Peters L, Mortlock S, Clarke S, Burt C
32 A Short History of Occupational Disease: 2. Asbestos, Chemicals, Radium and Beyond
Petts D, Wren MWD, Nation BR, Guthrie G, Kyle B, Peters L, Mortlock S, Clarke S, Burt C
35 A Short History of Occupational Disease: 3. Leisure Can Make You sick
Petts D, Wren MWD, Nation BR, Guthrie G, Kyle B, Peters L, Mortlock S, Clarke S, Burt C
James Logan Prize Essay 37 The Challenge of Cancer Pain Assessment
Gulati RR
Book Case 41 Reviews
The Dog Comes with the Practice: Tales of a Junior Doctor in Ireland and Canada. (Clinical Press Ltd. Bristol, U.K., 2020.)  Baskett T
The Cognitive Autopsy: A root cause analysis of medical decision making. (Oxford University Press 2020.)  Croskerry P
Game Changers 43 A Duo
Surgical Ambulatory Service (SAmS)—One Step Beyond EmSU!  Clements JS, Clements JM, Clements WDB
Heart in the Right Place: The Ambulatory Cardiology Unit.  Todd M, McCall D
Curiositas 44 Various
Letters 46 To the Editor
Ad Erratum.  Missing table in: The Microbiology of the Caman. Letters, UMJ v89(2), September 2020, p130
A Rare Case of Non-islet Cell Tumour Hypoglycaemia.  Lewis K
Delafloxacin, a novel fluoroquinolone antibiotic with activity against hospital-, community- and livestock associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).  Maguire M, Moore JE, Millar BC
Perceptions of medical students on undergraduate basic surgical skills training.  Madden-McKee CTJ, Valand DV, Clements JM
A curious case of granulomatosis with polyangitis.  Keelan E, McCorkell A, Kelly M, Shivashankar G, O'Rouke D
Thinking outside of the lungs.  Hogg M, McCreary K, Roberts JD