Volume 87 Number 3, September 2018

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Table of Contents

Editorial 153 Oxygen: both friend and foe
Purvis J
Editor's Notes etc. 155 Job Vacancies (I) UMJ Editor starting January 2020.
Job Vacancies (II) UMS IT Assistance.
Honorary UMS Fellowship.
Book Case 159 'Choral Works'
McKeown, P
Curiositas 161 Neonatology
Review 163 Simulation-based Education and Human Factors Training in Postgraduate Medical Education: A Northern Ireland Perspective
Lawson S, Reid J, Morrow M, Gardiner, K
Clinical Papers 168 Lightning injuries in Northern Ireland
Sleiwah A, Baker J, Gowers C, Elsom DM, Rashid A
173 Public Health Bacteriology of Commercially Composted Domestic Food and Garden Waste by the 11 Councils in Northern Ireland — Persistence Of Clostridium perfringens and Implications for Local Food Safety
Furukawa M, McCaughan J, Stirling J, Murphy A, Millar BC, Misawa N, Moore JE
177 Progression from acute to chronic hepatitis B is more common in older adults
McKeating C, Cadden I, McDougall N, Jessop L, Quah S, Lavelle M, Griffiths A, McCaughey C
James Logan Prize Essay 181 The Challenge of Cancer Pain Assessment
McKee R
Medical History 184 William Alexander (1844–1919): Contributions to Gynaecology and Neurology
Larner AJ
188 Sir Sheldon Francis Dudley, his Contributions to Diphtheria and the Aftermath of the Sinking of HMS Curacoa by the Queen Mary
Hedley-Whyte J, Milamed DR
Medical Education 194 Education and Support for Healthcare Professionals to Prevent Future Pandemics: Report of a Conference Workshop
Walsh K, Roma E, Hilton A
Letters 197 To The Editor.
I’m an LGBT medical student, get me out of here.  Grant M, Chung C, Atalla N, McGuinness P, O'Kane N, Corrigan M
Pneumobilia versus portal venous gas in blunt abdominal trauma.  McGarry K, McGrogan D, Gillespie JS, Clements B
John Fagan and the pneumatic tyre.  Logan JI
Paraneoplastic vitelliform maculopathy — association with primary cancers.  
The challenge of achieving adequate oral immunosuppression in a renal transplant recipient who develops short bowel syndrome (SBS).  McCloskey OM, Woodman A, Mitchell A, Smyth J
A calcaneus fracture with interposed flexor hallucis longus tendon; a surgical tip to aid tendon reduction  Macdonald J, Kelly G, McCaffrey D
So you want to be a 203 Teaching Fellow in Northern Ireland?
Keelan E, O'Grady A
Abstracts 205 Annual Trainee Doctors’ Prize Day, Thursday 19th November 2017
Postgraduate Centre, Belfast City Hospital
216 Proceedings of the fifth annual Queen's University Belfast Student Research Symposium.
Wednesday 11 April 2018, Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine
218 Ulster Society of Internal Medicine 96th (Spring) Meeting. Friday 18th May 2018
Altnagelvin Hospital