Volume 87 Number 1, January 2018

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Table of Contents

Editorial 1 A Helicopter Emergency Medical Service for Northern Ireland.
Purvis J
Grand Rounds 3 'When Right could be so Wrong'. Laterality Errors in Healthcare
Gormley GJ, Dempster M, Corry R, Brennan C
Medicine Outside
   the Comfort Zone
11 Far away from the NHS—Hernia Surgery in Nigeria and Kenya
Croitoru C, Stanek A
Clinical Papers 17 Hip Hemi-Arthroplasty vs Total Hip Replacement for Displaced Intra-Capsular Hip Fractures: Retrospective Age and Sex Matched Cohort Study
Dawson D, Milligan D, Callachand F, Cusick L
22 ESCAPE to Reality, Post-Trial Outcomes in an ESCAPE Centre: A Retrospective Case-Control Study.
Nixon AM, Jamison M, Rennie IM, Flynn PA, Smyth G, Wiggam I, Kerr E, Fulton A, Hunter A, Burns PA
27 Age adjusted D-dimer in the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust: A retrospective study
Merron B, Lavery R, Speers H, Worthington M, Benson G
30 Microvascular Decompression for Trigeminal Neuralgia: A regional unit's experience
Hannan C, Shoakazemi A, Quigley G
Case report 34 Insulin Autoimmune Syndrome: a rare case of hypoglycaemia resolving with immunosuppression
Hunter A, Graham U, Lindsay JR
Case Series 37 Sinoatrial Node Disease in Adults with Down’s Syndrome.
Kennedy J, Devlin P, Wilson CM, McGlinchey PG
Medical History 39 FDR and American Military Deployment: "My" Armed Forces and their Health
Hedley-Whyte J, Milamed DR
Medical Education 46 E-learning for medical education: reflections of learners on patients
Walsh, K
Letters 49 To The Editor.
Chronic Ring Erosion of a Finger.  Sleiwah A, Martin S, Mcguckian N, Diver A, Lewis H
Outcome of Supraventricular Tachycardia in Infancy After 4-year Follow-up.  Lu B, Craig B
Caught Red Handed—Congo Staining in the Oropharynx.  Stewart R, Adair R
Foundation Doctors’ Audits: Effective or Not?  Torpiano P, Sapiano K, Ellul, P
Centrifugation in GP Practices—Can it Improve Diagnostic Efficiency?  Coffey W, Magee B, Harris J, Edwards R, McKillop D
Abstracts 54 20th Meeting of the Irish Society of Human Genetics
Friday 15th September 2017 Croke Park, Dublin
Curiositas 65 (Global Health) Questions and Answers.
Book Review 67 The Evolution of Prehospital Emergency Care: Belfast and Beyond
Geddes JS, Stewart RD, Baskett TF
Book Case 68 Six Favourites
Dornan J
Game Changers 71 A Trio.
Oral drug therapy — improving survival in malignant melanoma.  O'Neill CH, Carser J
Radiofrequency ablation and endoscopic mucosal in treatment of early neoplastic Barrett's oesophagus.  Callaghan B, Maini I
Dual energy single source CT coronary perfusion angiography — a helpful functional adjunct to anatomical information.   Canning A, Hughes S, Purvis JA
So You Want To Be… 73 A Summer Student?
Gardiner H