Volume 84 Number 2, May 2015

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Table of Contents

Editorial 77 The Art of Motorcycle Medicine.
Purvis J
Reviews 79 Dementia.
Cunningham EL, McGuinness B, Herron B, Passmore AP
88 Grand Rounds: An Update on Convulsive Status Epilepticus.
Kinney M, Craig J
Clinical Papers 94 Alcohol-Related Fracture Admissions: A Retrospective Observational Study.
Marley WD, Kelly G, Thompson NW
98 Do Regular Ultrasound Scans Reduce the Incidence of Stillbirth in Women with Apparently Normal Pregnancies?
Toner B, Mone F, Ong S
102 Recurrence of Phaeochromocytoma and Abdominal Paraganglioma After Initial Surgical Intervention.
Johnston PC, Mullan KR, Atkinson AB, Eatock FC, Wallace H, Gray M, Hunter SJ
Case Report 107 Rare complications of a low lying median arcuate coeliac ligament.
Storm J, Kerr E, Kennedy P
Medical Education 111 Medical Education: Return On Investment.
Walsh K
Medical History 113 The Battle of the Atlantic and American Preparations for World War II in Northern Ireland, 1940-1941 (before Pearl Harbor).
Hedley-Whyte J, Milamed DR
117 John Coakley Lettsome (1744-1815) Philanthropologist and physician
Breathnach CS
NI Medicolegal Society 119 The fortunes of the legal and medical professions during the "Troubles"
McGarry P
Annual Oration 124 Medical Education in the Future: Lessons from the Past.
Crane J
Letters 129 To The Editor.
Tracheostomy: we need to know a hole lot more.  Purcell B, Bell PR, Stewart R
Endoscopic self-expanding metal stents for malignant colonic bowel obstruction.  Adgey C, Tham TC, McCallion K, Caddy GR
A severe case of adult onset Stills disease with myopericarditis, resistant to treatment with Tocilizumab but responsive to Anakinra.  Waghmare S, Valecka B, Cairns AP
A multivariate analysis of factors affecting Did Not Attend (DNA) rates in a paediatric eye clinic: do weather and school holidays affect attendance at paediatric eye clinic?  Williams GS, Blyth C, Laws D
No pain no gain? Two cases of spin class induced rhabdomyolysis.  Elliott A, Burke R, Liggett N
Review 134 Books
Practice Accounts Made Easy.  Tudor A
Rheumatology: a Clinical Handbook For Medical Students and Junior Doctors.  Al-Sukaini A, Azam M, Samanta A
Book Case 136 Six favourites.
Morrison, P
Curiositas 137 Questions and answers.
Game Changers 139 A Trio.
Ultrasound as a disease assessment tool for inflammatory polyarthropathy.   McDonald S, Walker S
Transfusion for acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding - is less better than more?  Spence A, Tham T
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-time of flight (MALDI-TOF) speeds up clinical microbiology.  Moore JE, Millar BC
So you want to be a... 141 Radiologist?
Collins A