Volume 81 Number 3, September 2012

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Table of Contents

Editorial 105 Regarding Parnassus
BE Kelly
Review 107 Metric-based simulation training to proficiency in medical education:- What it is and how to do it
AG Gallagher
Papers 114 Obtaining the MRCP diploma - difficult Olympic hurdles or a straightforward triple jump?
G Lewis, TCK Tham, IC Steele, AP Maxwell
118 Clinical phenotypes of autoimmune polyendocrinopathycandidiasis-ectodermal dystrophy seen in the Northern Ireland paediatric population over the last 30 years
S Millar, D Carson
123 Hip fracture in Northern Ireland, 1985-2010. Are age-specific fracture rates still rising?
P Turkington, S Mcdonald, J Elliott, T Beringer
127 Is the "red flag" referral pathway effective in diagnosing colorectal carcinoma?
A McCoubrey, C Warren, I McAllister, R Gilliland
Case Reports 130 Left bundle branch block morphology ventricular tachycardia in a marathon runner
EC Hodkinson, K Aston, SJ Walsh
134 An unusual cause of reversible cardiomyopathy
PC Johnston, AB Atkinson, MJ Moore, D Sharma, NR Black, LJ Dixon, JR Lindsay
Annual Oration 136 The fall and rise, of (some) women
J Dornan
Grand Rounds 143 The chest radiograph
B Kelly
Medical History 148 James Alexander Lindsay (1856-1931), and his clinical axioms and aphorisms
CS Breathnach, JB Moynihan
Letters 154 To The Editor
Teaching radiological anatomy.  M Worthington
Two cases of importation of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase 1 into Northern Ireland.  A Nagar, P Yew, G Ong, C Black, B Fogarty, S Christie, S Hedderwick, D Kealey, DM Livermore
Consent: teaching how to give and take.  S Breslin, PR Bell, JR Cullen
The ever increasing demand for metastatic spinal surgery.  L Henderson, S McDonald, NWA Eames
Abstracts 158 2nd Annual Meeting of the Irish Fungal Society 21 & 22 June 2012. Belfast City Hospital
163 15th Meeting of the Irish Society of Human Genetics, Monday 3rd September 2012. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Reviews 171 Books
John Henry Biggart.  D Biggart
So You Want ... 172 To be a Dermatologist?
S Hoey