Volume 81 Number 1, January 2012

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Table of Contents

Editorials 1 My Learned Friends
BE Kelly
2 List of Referees for 2011
Review 3 Discrepancy and Error in Radiology: Concepts, Causes and Consequences
A Brady, RÓ Laoide, P McCarthy, R McDermott
Papers 10 The true cost of gallstone disease
C Jones, A Mawhinney, R Brown
14 Factors Influencing Performance of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by Foundation Year 1 Hospital Doctors
N Sayee, D McCluskey
19 Foundation Programme Impact on Junior Doctor Personality and Anxiety in Northern Ireland
M O'Donnell, R Noad, M Boohan, A Carragher
Case Reports 26 Lumps, Bumps and GI Bleeding
M Perry, N Kelly, M Loughrey, M Hyland, G Caddy
28 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Caused by Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Diagnosed by Polymerase Chain Reaction
P Yew, D Farren, T Curran, PV Coyle, C McCaughey, L McGarvey
Grand Rounds 30 What is the Real Function of the Liver 'Function' Tests?
P Hall, J Cash
Medical History 37 The Frustration of Lady Aberdeen in her Crusade against Tuberculosis in Ireland
CS Breathnach, JB Moynihan
Letters 48 To The Editor
What is the future of minor surgery in Northern Ireland?  J Devlin
Are we providing the multimodality treatments advocated within current guidelines when managing patients with lower back pain?  RJ Napier, N Eames
Home treatment: changes to mental healthcare in Northern Ireland.  H Connolly
Perforation into the pericardial sac of an infant: a rare complication of central venous catheter insertion.  PM Farry, A Paterson
Reviews 52 Books
New Clinical Genetics - 2nd edition.  A Read, D Donnai
Napoleon & I or The Significant Miss Fanny Mitchell.  R Shelley
Abstracts 53 Ulster Society of Gastroenterology, Autumn Meeting 10th November 2011
56 Ulster Society of Gastroenterology, Spring Meeting 10th March 2011
59 Ulster Society of Internal Medicine, Spring meeting 13th May 2011
So You Want ... 65 To be a Paediatrician?
CT Lundy