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The Ulster Medical Society is a general medical society based in Northern Ireland. Full membership is open to all medical practitioners who are registered or eligibile to be registered, student membership is open to medical students, and associate membership is available to other health professionals such as nurses who are registered or eligible to be registered.

The objects of the Society are to improve the care of the sick and to promote and advance health and medical science by widening, improving and developing the education and knowledge of all concerned in medical matters.

In furtherance of these objects we publish the Ulster Medical Journal in three issues annually and arrange a series of lectures starting in October and ending in March or April.

The Society is registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. Our Charity Registration Number is NIC104845.

Through the kindness of the Queen's University of Belfast the Society has its own rooms in the Whitla Medical Building, Lisburn Road, Belfast.

Direct Debit Collection

We regret that the Direct Debit collection due on 1 November was delayed until 19 November. Our old Bureau stopped processing Direct Debits earlier this year and we discovered that there were incompatibilities between the file format they required and that used by their replacement. The file was re-written by hand and was applied successfully. Our database will in future export the file in the new format and we anticipate no difficulties from now on. We apologize for the delay and hope that it did not cause any problems.


The Society cannot get regular access to its rooms at present and people are working from home. Do not hesitate to get in touch and we will help as much as we can. Membership matters should not be affected unduly.

We cannot hold any lectures until the government advises that it is safe to do so and it is for this reason that Council decided that Dr McAleer's presidency should be postponed.

Lectures online

Starting in the 2019/20 session we plan to make all our lectures available through this website after the lecture has been delivered. Please see the Meetings page

Joining the Society

If you are not a member of the Ulster Medical Society, we would appeal to you to give the question of joining your consideration. By doing so you will enable us to widen its influence and sphere of usefulness still further, and we would hope that you would benefit from the meetings, the journal, and social contacts.

Email addresses

Quite a number of members have submitted their email addresses and information about lectures is sent to them regularly. Please contact the Membership Secretary if you would like to be included on the list.



The Council of the Ulster Medical Society consists of the President, the office-bearers and six members. All posts are honorary. The President is installed during the opening meeting in October while new Council Members take up their posts at the close of the Annual General Meeting during which they were elected.

Presidential Posts  2020 – 2021

President:Professor MF McMullin
Past President:Dr RGP Watson
President Elect:  Dr JJA McAleer

Council Members  2020 – 2021

Assistant Secretary:Ms A Carragher
Treasurer:Ms GM Gallagher
Editor:Dr M Trimble
Recruitment Secretary:  vacant
Junior Member:vacant
Student Members:Ms E Johnston and Mr S Kakar
Members 2018/21:Dr JC McMillan, vacant
Members 2019/22:Dr N Heron, Dr J Turner
Members 2020/23:Dr J Houghton, Dr P Elder


The Society Administrator is Mrs Kathy Clarke.

The future

Council is keen to see the Society thrive in the Third Millennium. Any member with suggestions for ways in which the Society could be improved is encouraged to speak or write to anyone on Council.

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